Seeking contributors to an article on event trends - apply within!

I’m putting together an article for the Eventbrite blog entitled “20 event trends for 2018” and I’m seeking input from event professionals.

What trends do you see emerging? What do you predict will be the hot, new thing in 2018? What one factor will influence your business more than any other next year?

I’m looking for contributions from across the industry; from organisers of different types of events to suppliers of different services like venue, catering, tech etc.

Please identify just one trend, tell me why/how you’ve identified it and what it means for you or the wider event industry. I will be able to include your headshot and company website/LinkedIn. Many thanks


At Events with a social or networking element, I think we’ll see an increase in organisations using the services of a professional introducer to ensure that attendees meet people who are relevant to them. We’ll see a corresponding decrease in the number of ‘self-service’ networking events where attendees are expected to get on with it without assistance.

I’ve identified this trend from a) research amongst attendees who frequently leave social/networking events disheartened at not meeting people relevant to them or their business; b) interest from the press (The Times Business Pages, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail have all published articles on the subject) and c) the increasing number of online-meeting platforms creating a desire for the anti-dote: meetings in the flesh.

This trend will lead to greater satisfaction amongst attendees and a decrease in no-shows.


Thanks Rachel. What size events can your services be deployed at and how do you work with the attendees?

I think there will be more consideration given to a visitor’s end to end digital experience from the first banner they click on, email they receive or Facebook ad they see through all visitor comms pre, at and post show including follow up and research. This was one of my takeouts from EventTechLive. It’s not just visitor comms but a digital visitor experience from start to finish engaging with the visitor at every stage not just “please buy tickets” or “please turn up messages.” A lot of people will be doing this already, I just think it will become more seamless and visitors will feel more connected throughout in a good way. Advances in technology such as facial recognition will also impact on this.

I’m also hoping organisers will continue the dialogue with visitor audiences between events. It’s something I recommend to all my clients rather than popping up in someone’s inbox 3 months out from a show because you want them to buy your tickets.

Interesting. How would you maintain that dialogue - is there best practice?

@APC have you noticed any trends emerging you think will be big next year? Would love to hear your thoughts.

I don’t know about best practice but I would recommend talking to the audience about what they are interested in and this could include:

  • any developments you can announce about the event such as next show dates, venue, tickets on sale dates, if it will be bigger/better and how

  • feedback on visitor research you can share and what you’re doing about it i.e. “You said, we listened and this is what we’re going to do…”

  • details of any events your events team will be attending/promoting the event at

  • subscription offers for media partners for that event

  • any awards the event/speakers have won

  • anything you’d like their opinion on e.g. desired speakers, content

Social media is getting to be a very important in 2018 and beyond. It’s power is really important before, during and after an event.
Social media can help an event organiser shape an event around it’s social media audiences needs and expectations.

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Some great ideas there. I think this helps to make the attendees feel part of the event and its organisation - this kind of engagement is key to community building.

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Yes social media will continue to be important, but do you see its application evolving in any way? What might we being doing differently/doing more of/less of next year?

360 images/videos and augmented and virtual reality within social media will become a big tool for event promotion in 2018. Snapchat will an interesting platform to watch because Facebook is busy stealing and improving on it’s ideas.


As much as I want to say and support 360video and VR/AR, I fear its still not yet a scaleable feature for events as the adoption rate is minimal at this point. But it is definitely in the pipeline as a major industry disruptor. For now the trend that is within event organisers control and already well in effect as a major trend in 2018 is disruptive event formats to transform conferences. Active learning sessions VS traditional passive learning presentations. So essentially the death of traditional conferences and the evolution of engagement based events.


Yep totally agree new event formats will continue to appear. It’s something else I’m planning to write about soon. What are the best you’ve seen so far?

Such as events producing 360 videos for YouTube that you can view with a VR headset at home? 4k cameras are becoming increasingly affordable.

Yes mainly Youtube, Facebook and Periscope. You can easily buy a VR headset for £10 or you could make your own.


It’s a change from the Lego I usually have to put together for my little boy :grin:

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Funnily enough there is a lego VR headset :laughing:

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ha ha ha, I reckon I’ve got all the bits needed to make that!


Perhaps your little boy could make the VR headsets as a little sideline!! :laughing:

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The continuation of the ‘experiential’. Organisers will need to be more and more creative with how they form an identity for their event. Whether that’s in entertainment, unqiue catering options, or technological. As a bespoke cocktail events company, and in response to a booming cocktail scene, we’ve seen a huge increase in event organisers wanting to providing ‘talking piece cocktails’. Something to engage with, that tie’s in with the reason for the event.

Just an observation :slight_smile:

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