Share your most creative event decor ideas

Saw this fab doughnut wall on Pinterest today. Art that you can eat! Have you had any great ideas like this? I’d love to see pics of your most creative decor ideas…


Love it but reckon it could be quite distracting if you’re supposed to be focusing on something else.

Hmm yeah you’ve got a point…

At the gala dinner I attended last Tuesday, they held a balloon raffle. After each person had parted with their cash & collected their balloon they took it back to their table which dressed the room beautifully!!


Also really want to try this now: So pretty!!

So anyone who bought a raffle ticket also got a balloon? They should have put the ticket number on them too, to make it easier to identify the winners!

Pretty, but I wouldn’t have it mess up my bridal hair!

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The ticket was inside the balloon so later they had to pop it but it was pretty while it lasted.


Oh I see. That’s a really good idea as you get the added drama from the mass balloon popping!

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Here’s another great idea I saw today on - a live illustrated wall depicting session content:


loving that!