Slowdown in exhibition/trade show sector in 2018


We’re a small business who supply iPads, iPad stands, iZettle payment systems, TV screens etc on rental.
We’ve experienced a huge slump in sales in 2018. Some months we’re doing around 50% of the revenue we were doing this time last year.

We supply to both exhibitions & trade shows as well as more consumer focused events & festivals. The consumer events have been relatively even as last year. But the trade shows and exhibitions have taken a huge slump.

Just trying to gauge whether this is done to the compeition/reduction in demand for our products or whether the industry as a whole has reduced their spending and budgets. I have noticed that some of the regular clients who used our services in the past have taken out fewer items than before.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi Richard, sorry to hear business is not so good. Let’s see if any members in our Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences group @SEC can shed any light on what’s going on in the sector?

Have you tried Facebook Ads to target people working in the events industry?

It can cost as little as £1 a day to advertise on Facebook.

Thanks for the tip Dewi, I used to do PPC marketing a few years ago, so know a fair bit about marketing via paid clicks.

I wouldn’t have thought that facebook advertising would work well for B2B projects, they’re great for consumers. Unless the targeting has improved drastically over the years.

We do a lot of Google adwords marketing and that’s very well targeted and gets us very strong leads.

Targeting has improved vastly. You can now target people to their interests and demographics as well using website tracking.