SMS Promos for Events

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I’m just wondering whether anyone has used SMS when promoting events? Or if anyone has gotten any SMS marketing messages from other events or suppliers? Any feedback on whether they work or what the message was?


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I haven’t, but look forward to people’s replies on this. Sounds as though that would be quite a nifty simple way of pushing out reminder notifications etc ahead of events, as people don’t often look at emails.
I wonder if there is a handy tool out there that’s affordable and easy for people to opt-in to.

I think I’ve received SMS messages for events as reminders if not for marketing (certainly for the dentist!!!).

I do get sent Twitter DMs.

I’ve written about a company called Text Local that specialises in SMS marketing and was very impressed by the different uses and high engagement levels. They reported that 98% of text messages are opened and 90% of them are read within the first three minutes – better stats than any other marketing channel. I’m sure SMS could be applied very effectively for marketing events, although don’t think it’s used much at the mo.

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I personally have gotten SMS from events I have attended. I guess it depends on the size of the event and the circumstance. It was a festival that would send reminders of when people were performing.

Another great tip Belinda - I was thinking about this morning re an event I’m working on at the moment and how to nail conversion. Thanks!

I worked for a company where we used to send 2 sms reminder about the event for all registered users. One message 2-3 days before the event and on exact day. I really don’t have a stat to share but think this work very well for attendance. You should think also about territory, because some cultures are very familiar and happy with SMS and other most likely to be frustrated which will have negative rather than positive effect on the attendance.
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Culture and demographic I’d add - my parents are still unable to fathom SMS even though they’ve had mobile phones for about 20 years now!

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