Snacks & drinks partner for Doodleledo, a creative drawing event

hi guys, great to be a part of this community - first time writing here! I run Natalka Design - creative agency in London and one of our creative ventures Doodleledo - social fun event for anyone that says ‘I can’t draw!’ next one is on 24.05.17 and always looking for a partner who produces snacks or drinks to offer us max for up to 25-30 people so we can keep people fed and not thirsty :slight_smile: We work with few brands already but we always look for new partnerships. Any suggestions? connections? what I mean e.g. is beer brand, sweet or savoury snacks anything.


Hey @Natalia_Talkowska welcome :slight_smile: Looks like a great event.

On the beer front we’ve worked with Fourpure brewery before to do drinks for an event, they were great. Might be worth getting in touch with one of the many excellent craft breweries in London

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hi @nick_lawson! thanks so much for reply - is there anyone you could connect me with from Fourpure or should I just give it a go and ask?

Unfortunately it wasn’t me specifically who spoke to them so haven’t got the contact. I reckon just have a go and ask, and make sure they get some value out of the deal too (e.g. brand visibility - we had their logo on our event page). Here’s a list of some of the other craft breweries in London:

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awesome thanks!! lets see :slight_smile: