Snap Spectacles for event content

Snap spectacles - constant photo content on event day. The one day you’re busy as anything but need to make the most of the noise. Can they be hacked to cross-posted to IG or Twitter? A pile of content possibilities coming to mind. Anyone attacked this yet? Keen to hear!

Likewise keen to hear! Haven’t explored them at all, but surely there’s some cool things to be done when combining this with geo-filters/geo-stories around your event?

Here’s the link for anyone interested:

Following. I’m jazzed to see what we can do with them.

Got hooked and read this write up on Mashable:

They’ve already clocked on to value of Spectacles at live events by the sound of it:

Our team has already started using Spectacles at live events to provide a heads-up experience and we’re getting good lift by acknowledging that we’re using the Specs. Logistically, posting multiple videos in a sequence is very easy. The added value of editing, doodling on, and pruning out videos before they post is key to producing real-time native creative.

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Maybe a networking challenge with spectacles. Snap everyone you network with at to event’s story. random winer chosen… thinking…

I like it! A good way to break networking ice too.

They’re RRP at $129 so I can’t they’re going to become widespread quickly but I wonder if some companies will start offering them for hire for things like events

For the right event… C-level event. I see the right sponsor wanting in on that.

Who needs sponsors, when you’ve got direct contacts :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna get me a loaner pair…

Direct contacts and you don’t have them already :stuck_out_tongue:

Am i being an idiot or do these only come with tinted/shaded lenses? Bit annoying for indoor use?

Here are some examples of Snapchat Spectacles being used at events. Sure they’re gimmicky, but who doesn’t like a gimmick?

I haven’t used Snapchat professionally for a while. When I worked in social media research it was always a grey area as getting useful analytics was nearly impossible. That was about a year ago now though, anyone have any insights into if its changed? :sunglasses:

How about if people are using an event geofilter when uploading pics/video?

This article somewhat addresses my comment on analytics

I guess the context cards are useful if you’re using Snapchat to drive event ticket sales, or if you’re an sponsor/exhibitor looking to increase engagement at-event?