Social Media AMA (Ask Me Anything)

My main role is as a bilingual social media manager and advisor. I have worked with a wide range of people and businesses from a small table top business to TV celebrities.

I thought it would be good for me to share some of my knowledge by letting you ask questions about social media in the comments below.


Nice idea. Ok, I have one - what’s the best way to start building an (relevant and engaged) audience if you’ve just set up your profile? How long would you expect it to take to gain traction?

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Same question as Bel, but with particular reference to Instagram :slight_smile:

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Best way to start is to follow people that are following your competitors and industry leaders. This applies to Twitter and Instagram.
On Twitter it’s a good idea to join in a Twitter chat hour to network with people with a similar interest. I run a Welsh language chat hour which reaches a potential 8,000,000 Twitter timelines a week.


Chat hour is a good idea. Any tips on working with hashtags for maximum effect on Insta?

After your caption, describe your picture in hashtags. This a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram Try and leverage as many that are relevant to your post.

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Thanks for the tips. As I recall, Twitter has a (fairly low) daily limit on how many people you can follow. Is there any way round that? How long does it take to get a Twitter account really motoring?

You can follow up 1000 accounts a day

Building a Twitter account takes a bit patience and time. It’s like a snowball, small and slow at the beginning but with a bit of time it will pick up speed. Make sure you follow accounts that are socially active, there is no point following accounts that are broadcasting information. Social media is all about the social in social media.


Yes actually using it properly and being social is the key, but it can be such a time-suck. How long would you typically spend on a platform like Twitter per day for a client?

Sorry for this question, I’m a social media noob. What is [quote=“DewiEirig, post:4, topic:3279”]
a Twitter chat hour
[/quote] ?? :confused:

This is a blog post that should explain everything

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How do you incorporate Twitter in event marketing? What is your advice for promoting an event or an event video on Twitter? What are the pros and cons of Twitter event promotion?

My way of starting a Twitter campaign is when your venue has been confirmed you launch the event on Twitter. Then as exhibitors, speakers, sponsors etc are confirmed you announce them in turn. It’s important that you tag their Twitter handles so that they can retweet and share to their followers which in turn, should create more sales.
People love to be nosey, it’s human nature, so sharing any behind the scenes photos will help to create a buzz around and event. Show the event being setup, it helps people to visualise your event within the venue.
During the event show crowds of people, never share pictures of an event without a crowd or people will not turn up.
To create visuals I would recommend using Canva for images and Ripl for videos. Visuals are extremely important because they catch the eye.
I believe the biggest drawback for using Twitter for event promotion is that the targeting of their advertising platform is far too broad. Facebook advertising wins every time when it comes to paid promotion.


Great insight, Dewi. Would you mind if I published your advice on an upcoming blog article of mine?

I will include your name, headshot, and a website link in the article.

If you are interested, please let me know and reply with the following:

  • Your full name (the name you would like me to refer to you by in the article)
  • A link to your Gravatar / your headshot
  • One link you would like me to include in the article (e.g., your website or a social media page)

Yes of course

Full name: Dewi Eirig Jones
Headshot link:

This was extremely helpful! Thank you

If I can pick your brain again, @DewiEirig… I’m organizing an awards event next month and am uses to tweeting pictures and videos on the day (behind the scenes set up and of the actual event). Can you recommend any other content that people would like to see? Perhaps I could interview some of the winners and sponsors?

Also, I love your idea of announcing the sponsors int he build up which I’m going to do now. Is there anything else I should be sharing before and after?


@JCJulianne You could do some interviews with the judges (about the winners and why they were chosen) before the event and then release the videos after the winners have been announced?

Thanks @Belinda_Booker! To roll with your idea, I could also ask the manager who put forward a winner to send a short clip in on the same topic as well as how proud/happy they are that their colleague won.

Thank you! :smile:

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Great idea! I think that will really add some value - it’ll be a great extra bonus for the winners as they can share it on social media (and you benefit from extra reach). Let us know how it goes.