Social Media Management

Hi guys I’d like to know what social media management tools you’re using? Why did you choose them over others? What’s the key thing you look for when choosing?

I’ve always used Hootsuite which has served me well, but I by no means think it’s perfect. Anyone using Buffer? We trialled Sendible recently but I found that whilst it’s got a ton of feature’s, none of them were best in class and the UX needs work.

One tool I love is called Social Jukebox - it allows you to create a bucket of tweets/posts, and it will just continuously post these tweets against a schedule you set ie. you only ever need to write the tweet once.

What are you guys using?


Been using Buffer close to 3 years now! We have an “Awesome” paid account but also have the Free Hootsuite account (for situations like when one is down you’d just jump onto another and reschedule some urgent posts). That said, Buffer is quite simple and has very few features compared to Hootsuite making it very efficient and simple to use. I guess their Business plan does come with better analytical features and it’s probably more robust than the Awesome plan. Happy with buffer as a tool but also for their company culture and values that we kind of relate to.

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Been using Hootsuite for some time now. Tried SocialPilot but it doesn’t work for me.

I love Hootsuite because I can schedule my announcements and they have a app as well.

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@mikeba you piqued my curiosity about Buffer’s culture so I checked it out (thanks!). The whole culture of transparency is a really interesting idea - i love that anyone can read anyone else’s emails :relaxed:

here’s the link for anyone interested:

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Hey Nick, happy you find it interesting and thanks for sharing!