Someone needs a place to organise an event (2000+ people) with all setup and support

Hi guys, need a little help here.
Where I can find some list of organisations or people that are searching for a place to organise an event for 2000+ people?
Is there any site?

Hi Ivan, do you mean you want to find people looking for big venues? Or are you looking for a venue yourself? What country are you operating in?

Hi Belinda,
Thanks for your response.
I want to find people looking for a place for their big venues. We operate a really popular beach in Croatia that has been a festival beach for more that 20 years.
Actually, trying to reach some travel agencies or companies that may be interested in our beach for big venues.

In that case, I recommend you contact all the destination management companies (DMCs) in Croatia, such as:

These companies will be the first port of call for overseas event organisers looking to bring events to Croatia. Good luck!

Thank you.
Really kind of you.
If anyone has any other information, be free to contact me by pm on

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