Something to bring the fun into Q+As

A Facebook ad came up on my timeline for Catchbox, a throwable microphone.

Is it a good idea, would you consider using it?

It’s definitely a great idea to bring fun into an event.

They’re good fun, although I personally would be deterred because I can’t catch to save my life! :see_no_evil:

This reminds me a bit of my teaching days. I’d ask a question and throw a plush ball (easy enough to catch) at random students, and they had to answer. Participation went way up…it was a shy class at first.

I can see this working well in a conference setting, as well (both with the speaker making sure the audience is attentive and the audience being able to ask questions…as long as the speaker has good enough aim :wink: )

2 Likes is also a great way to jazz up Q&As - particularly the ability to easily do audience polling.

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That site has also been recommended on another thread

I’ve used catchboxes - they are a huge liability if you cant catch or throw!