Sourcing Waiters and Bartenders

What is the best way to find waiters and bartenders for your events?

Are you using a catering company? If so a lot of them will sort staff.

What’s the event? If it’s a large one off one, it could be better value to self source staff but if it’s regular events then you could find yourself spending a lot of time sourcing and managing waiting staff in which case it might be best to let a catering company of staffing agency handle it.

We often hire waiters and bartenders trough taskrabbit and have always had amazing people. Its a lot more cost effective and as long as you check their reviews Im sure you’ll find the right one.

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Staffing agencies are the standard route, but if it’s only for small events, I’d often use actors as they have great communication skills. Maybe post on Facebook groups like Funemployed or London Bartender Association. If you are looking for regular bartenders and cocktail bartenders, then we can help you out too as this is what we specialise in.


have you tried
pretty new service - but sounds promising

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