Speed Networking

Good afternoon all,

I’m planning my firm’s Partner Conference for January 2019. We have recently completed a merger with another firm and the theme of the event is getting to know you.

With that in mind, we are considering running a ‘speed networking’ session to introduce all the partners to their new colleagues.

I have looked this up online and can find a lot of pages about the ‘rules’ of this type of activity, what I wondered was if anyone knew of a company that can come in and run something like that for us?

I understand it’s probably an easy this to run ourselves it’s just that I will be incredibly busy running the event in the background and if someone can come in and make it look more sleek, that would be great.

Thanks in advanced for any suggestions! =)

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Hi Mel, I know Speed Networking provides the necessary tech and helps facilitate. Read about them in this article: