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I’m holding various events next year with around 3000 people attending per event. My target market is between 12 and 30yrs old. How much would you expect to charge a company to be the main sponsor at the event.

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Hey Leon,

It can be tricky to work out the right amount, and the right companies to contact. Could you tell us a little more about your event?

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Hi, it’s a 1000ft water slide festival being held in London, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Scunthorpe a drink hopefully Bristol. There will be craft and food vendors plus a DJ. This is the website www.thesunslider.co.uk

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The amount you charge depends a) on what you’re offering the sponsor and b) the going market rate being charged by your competitors. You need to do a bit of market research to find out what events with a similar audience charge for different sponsorship packages (you can usually find this by requesting their sponsorship brochure). Once you’ve gathered a few figures, here’s a market rate valuation workbook to help you do your sums: https://www.eventbrite.com/blog/academy/sponsorship-valuation-market/


Great advice as usual from @Belinda_Booker I would also recommend putting together an inventory of where a potential sponsors’ brand would appear for each sponsor package e.g. On your website, emails, posters, tickets etc and think about what different types of sponsors might get. So your title sponsor might get everything but your ticketing sponsor might just get their logo on tickets, booking confirmations and the website.

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A good place to start could be with some of the brands whose products might already be being sold at the event, like craft breweries in each of those locations (Cloudwater in Manchester for example).

Likewise, we’ve noticed local companies are always interested in sponsoring events like this, so maybe see if there are any businesses near your venue that might have a brand affinity, and try and contact them.

Hope that’s some help!


@Roostie you may also find some helpful event sponsorship advice on this post.

Here is the nearest comparable thing we’re involved in:

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Thank you for all the advice

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you’re very welcome… anytime! If you have any more burning quests please feel free to post and we’ll do our best to assist.