Sponsorship Non-profit event

I’m doing an event for a class project but I’m struggling to find some related literature about it. Can someone help me?

Hi @Javier_Acevedo_Guard

Can you provide a bit more info about your event (what is it/who is it for/why might sponsors be interested?) then we can point you in the right direction.

I was wondering if its appropriate to get sponsorship for a networking event? For money or Act in kind. If I can’t afford a speaker, could I ask for one as an act inkind? The same with a caterer, if they could provide finger food as samples, so guests get a taste of their food to help them get new clients. What do you think?

I’m currently arranging an open day for the rugby club my husband plays for and am hoping to do the same @Gordana1165 have you had any luck with this?
I started volunteering a short while back and I’m trying to raise the profile of the club, raise money and recruit players hopefully.
I’m hoping to get donations in turn for advertising to keep costs low. I guess it’s just about how you pitch it to them.

No, I haven’t tried yet, I was looking to get some advice, but I am going to try it out to get a speaker, see how that goes, I’m not sure if larger event companies are willing to give talks or if they normally charge for that service.

I was looking to do the same thing as you for my football club, here we have Australian football, I wanted to look at innovative way’s to bring in extra revenue into the club as a volunteer, as my club is struggling financially, but the event coordinator there thought I was stepping on her toes and they weren’t very grateful for my efforts.

One way I was going to help was to hold an open day, maybe like a family picnic, or any theme of choice that will get people interacting, having game’s for the kids, entertainment and food, maybe if you have a community of women that bake, they can make salads and baked goods to accompany a BBQ to help raise money, as well as having the players take flyers around the neighborhood to introduce themselves and invite them to the event, to gain new members or players. this might be a good way to ask for sponsors to help with money and act in kind. also if the club has any merchandise this would be a good place to sell them and look to the community, local shops, organizations and businesses to attend this might entice future sponsors.

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I thought I’d posted the other day but my phone broke so guess it didn’t submit. This is what I’ve got going on at the minute:

I’ve got an interview with a local radio station soon which is good :slight_smile:

We also have a VIP area for our current sponsors where they can network, have a few drinks and goody bags to say thanks for their support.

that sounds fantastic, a great fun filled day, I wish you a prosperous event and get the money you need to raise.

Yes definitely! The key thing that you need to know here is who is networking at your event. If you have the right audience, then you could be perfectly matched to a sponsor looking to hire or market to a particular group. Once you have the data on your audience, it becomes a lot easier as you can start to profile.

@Gordana1165 agree with @rjogrady21 - knowing who your audience is very important to then knowing what your potential sponsor you should think about approaching. Always try and think “how does access to our audience align with a potential sponsors business goals.”

Your raw attendee data is great for letting you extract basic information like name, emails, and job titles. You can then use a tool like Airfinity which will enrich that basic info and provide you with other audience insights (job title, company, industry etc) and then recommend you sponsors on the back of it. They could be really helpful to find the right sponsors.

Thanks so much for your information, I’m going to look into those websites, very helpful. I will be holding a networking event, aiming toward like minded event professionals in my area, a bit of a who’s who in my state, to possibly get some valuable connections, to gain knowledge and experience in the field. I’m also looking at getting a sponsor from the events industry to be a speaker for some insightful information as an act in kind sponsor for my event. How willing do you think event professionals are of their time with no money involved?

If they can see some value from a speaking opportunity - e.g. getting their company in front of the right audience, or enhancing their personal - then probably quite willing. When we’ve done events for event professionals we’ve never paid a speaker/had anyone ask for payment

Hi Gordana
Sounds like you have some great ideas. Have you tried contacting your local Toastmaster club. These clubs are full of people who work on improving their public speaking skills and some are professional speakers and coaches who may be interested in helping you? Just google Toastmasters club and you should be able to find one nearby. Another thing I’ve done is join the local council community team newsletter. They send an amazing number of funding opportunities to help people start up community groups. I went on the local council site and searched on “community” & eventually found the subscription sign up. Good luck and I hope the above info helps.

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Hi Di, your advice is great, I will definitely look into your suggestions, I definitely need the help with public speaking.