Has anyone got experience finding sponsors for an event. I run an event with approx 7000 attendees last year and I’m looking for sponsors.

I’m unsure what levels to pitch sponsorship at? Too high and people pay, too little and people wont think we are a serious business. So difficult to try and sort out exactly what to offer and at what level.

Be grateful for some pointers please.


Hi @Roostie Thanks for posting this. Sponsorship remains a tough ask and comes up quite often on here. I would recommend working out an inventory of what sponsorable elements for your event e.g. title sponsor, AV sponsor, champagne sponsor, awards sponsor, reception sponsor, registration sponsor and what each sponsor type could get for their money e.g. for title sponsor this might include:

  • logo on all promotional collateral, website, visitor communications, event signage
  • X amount of tickets for their customers/partners/ VIPs
  • presentation slot in seminar programme
  • exhibition stand
  • full page ad in event guide
  • x number of social media posts
  • banner on visitor emails

By contrast your registration/ticket sponsor may just get their logo on the tickets/confirmation emails. Attaching costs to levels of sponsorship is tricky but it helps to start with a framework of what you can offer and I would suggest you leave yourself some wiggle room in each category and stay flexible. It may be that you get a potential sponsor who doesn’t have masses of budget but will add to your event in some way either in terms of kudos or by physically contributing to the event which will aid you in selling more tickets/attracting other exhibitors/sponsors.

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Thanks Melissa, its a tough one as Im always worried we are going to overcharge and frighten sponsors away but then I see what other events are charging and its big money.

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Hello both,

Mark this is a very long process, but here you are some brief keys:

  1. Make a REAL budget for all your expenses in the event. Then decide ¨which percentage¨ of the final number your sponsors should fund (in Spain is usually the 50%). Be aware that nobody is going to cover the 100% of the initiative, you should search for other sources if financially you can not afford it (institutional, crowdfunding, partners,…etc).

  2. With that number already defined for the sponsors, consider the idea of building a ¨one main sponsor¨ policy or, in the other hand, adding collaborators to the promotional strategy (second level sponsors) . With that, you will have the ¨final number¨ to charge the sponsors.

  3. Finally, take in consideration that sponsors always search for ¨repercussion¨, mainly through the mass media. You should prepare a document for this field including the general balance for your first edition´s experience and other similar events if you had the experience before. This is SUPER IMPORTANT for the sponsors, they distrust when there are no ¨data¨ to justify an investment. Collect all the benefits of the action that you offer to the sponsor for the money they have to put, and make them see that your proposal is much cheaper than an advertising campaign with similar repercussions (this is important too).

With all this, they will analyze the situation, will compare everything with other parallel proposals, and with the final balance, they will let you know about their final decision.

3+1) One interesting ¨hook¨ to catch the attention of the potential sponsors, specially in firsts editions like this one (I guess it is your second edition, isn´t it?), is giving them the chance to sell their products ¨LIVE¨ in the event. If you are expecting ± 7,000 people attendance or more (that is amazing for a first experience, congrats), I guess you have here a big strength to deal with the negotiation. They will pay attention to you.

Good luck with everything!. Regards.

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There are some great Eventbrite blogs on this subject too Mark: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/blog/?s=sponsorship