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Hey all,

we can have up to 15 events running concurrently and we’ve got around 100 freelancers we use to staff these. At the moment we just use a big excel spreadsheet - it’s enormous, it’s unwieldy, there are no safeguards to stop the same person being used twice, we have various project managers and there isn’t a system to show who we’ve tried already but can’t do it. We have a colour coding system but this is already allocated to show days/build days etc and ideally we need something which can identify which kind of staff they are.

Long story short, looking for a drag and drop scheduling system, something that is web based so that anyone can access from anywhere (password protected), once a person has been dragged in to place they can’t be reused on the same date. There are some shift scheduling programs I’ve found but they’re not quite right for what we need - it’s always full days and we want to keep it as visually simple as possible.

Anyone got any programs they can recommend? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hey @GemmaBates sounds like a real headache. Maybe take a look at Liveforce - it’s a crew booking and management platform. Is this the sort of thing you’re looking for?

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Thanks - I’ll give it a look :slight_smile:

Planday might also be worth looking at - fairly cheap, and I believe it can handle shifts on an hourly rather than daily basis.

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Hi Gemma
Happy to answer any questions you may have about liveforce :slight_smile:
just let me know if you want a demo.
I feel your pain :slight_smile:

Thanks for recommending us Nick. Really appreciate it

Hey Greg - quick question: Once I’ve nailed down the rota / schedule for the various members of my team, is there a way to integrated that schedule with their native mobile calendars, or send out calendar invites so that my crew get notifications when they need to switch tasks?

Great question.
The quick answer is no, not yet.
Although this is in the backlog.

However the crew part of liveforce provides them with a “my jobs” calender showing them which shifts they’ve applied to work on, and the ones they’ve already been confirmed on.
It’s colour coded and super simple to understand.

Admin users can also easily communicate with all crew on a project or a specific shift- making it easy to send out reminders about upcoming jobs and what’s expected of the crew.

Hope that answers your question for now.
Happy to answer any queries you may have.

It does - thanks for the info.

Just for context, given that we’re running a one-day event, it’ll be onerous to ask our crew to install an app or set up an account for such a “short” / one-off event engagement. It’s not about complexity per se, but rather about hurdles to usefulness for our team.

Being able to supply email email addresses and just push out ical invites so that folks can stay informed about their shifts in their existing native tools is what I’m trying to get to, as that’s how (realistically!) we’ll get the most uptake.

Good point- let me talk with my team about how we can make liveforce more accesible for users only requiring it for one-off events. Im sure if we bang our heads together we can come up with a good solution.
If im honest our roadmap is already planned out for the next 6 months - so this feature wont be considered anytime soon - but i do see a use for it:-)
Thanks for taking the time to give some valuable input.

My pleasure! Happy to chat about the ideas / needs in more detail with anyone on your team if that ever becomes helpful :smiley:

cool. Absolutely.

@GemmaBates we at PARiM may have something for your staff management needs. We have hundreds of event staff managers as clients in the UK and elsewhere.

I am only writing this because going through your list, I think our offering matches what you listed precisely (due to us having many clients like your company before):

  • drag and drop scheduling. Yep, we got it.
  • safeguards that stop the same person being used twice. Check.
  • custom colour coding system according to your preference. Check.
  • supports multiple project managers / roles. Check.
  • web-based and password protected. Check.

Check us out at PARiM Staff Management Software - You can sign-up for a 14-day free trial with helpful tutorials to get you set up or we can do a demo for you.

Hi Gemma - did you ever find some software to suit your needs? We´ve just launched a whole heap of new features in Liveforce that might be worth checking out. More than happy to give you a quick demo.

Hi, you can try we have same problems as you few years before so we start developing our solution. We use it in production with more than 100 planned events and 200 freelancers / external staff. We have free plan so you can try and you will see.

Hi folks, we have similar issues in my company, all employees work through email and google sheets, so I just became a manager and am in seek for a secure corporate software. Thank God, at least we installed an attendance time clock system and the performance of the company is rising -

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