Staying motivated

In an increasingly competitive market where stand out and quality are crucial how you how do you stay motivated? What keeps you in the industry? If you weren’t in Events what would you be doing?

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Great question Allison. Thanks for posting. Throughout my events career there have been times when the work has been thin on the ground and other moments of disenchantment when I’ve struggled with motivation. However, there’s nothing like being in a busy exhibition hall that’s buzzing with people connecting, doing business and enjoying the event. I also get to work with some amazing people and have been privileged to work on a really diverse mix of events which have all been challenging in their own way. I grit my teeth through the tough times, remember everything is a learning experience and look forward to that post event glass of wine!

Hey Allison, great question! Being a month into the New Year an’ all, this is exactly thew kind of questions I’ve been asking myself. A lot of motivation comes from a non-egotistical belief that what you’re doing is awesome, even if you’re not necessarily doing it at the moment. There’s a “I can’t wait to nail my next event” thought constantly going round my head. Slightly odd perhaps, but it really helps with motivation.

I started to find great joy in searching for new business too, which before I hated! Again, another mental approach of saying (non arrogantly) “I really think that this person/company/organisation will love what events we can throw for them, and be inspired by us.”

In term sof comparrison…meh. Instead of comparing and contrasting services and costs, I like to rely on personalities standing out. Trust that simply being an honest and creative YOU is enough!

P.s. if I wasn’t in the event industry, I’d be in the Army probably :slight_smile:

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Good point, Richard - ultimately people do business with people. I still struggle with the searching for new business element though. Aside from the mental approach you mentioned, do you have any other tips?