Stock images relevant to events & experiential marketing

Hi everyone - I’m getting a new website done and I’m struggling to search for creative looking stock images to use. Shutterstock unfortunately have images that are pretty basic. I’m looking for something that’s progressive & creative that speaks awesome events and experiential marketing. I can’t use images from previous work as due to intellectual property rights. Help please?

Hi, not sure if these sites will have everything you’re looking for but hopefully you can find something:

Pixabay - collates all the different creative commons libraries to one site

There are plenty more but these are the ones I use most regularly and find have the most varied content.



Hi Mill we’ve used Twenty20 in the past, a stock photo site that focuses on creative, ‘non-stock-like’ more real life photos. They’re a good alternative to sites like istock and shutterstock, but I still use the others occasionally as Twenty20 inventory can be a inconsistent for our needs. Sounds like it could be what you’re looking for however.


thanks Ian… I like unsplash for social arms and blogging… I will have to dig in deeper with pexels… failing that I may have to get some of my own photography done…

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thanks Nick… this is a site I haven’t heard of until now… fingers crossed I have some luck

Hi Mill, not sure where you are with your search but I’d like to introduce you to We offer diverse, high quality images at affordable prices - no subscriptions involved and we’ve helped a range of clients with sourcing imagery for website builds. Would be great to connect and I can tell you a bit more about the platform and share some image examples that would be relevant to you? Gemma

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thanks Gemma! had a look at the website and i like the variety you have on there… would love to connect… i’m based in australia so we can do via email or zoom? what suits you?

Hi. I use istock. Even with the lowest subscription /£25 month, it’s not expensive and there’s a massive choice. You can also think about dynamic crops of stock images to make them your own.

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Hi @Mill_Darby , great to hear you’ve had a look. Zoom works for me, you can find me on I’m in the office until 11:30am UK time today, so let me know if there’s a time that works before then given the time difference (not sure where in Aus you’re located). Otherwise, might be easier if you email me some info about the website you’re working, what type of images you’re looking for (how many), your audience, and I can get our picture editors to start looking into it? Then we can chat through on Friday or early next week via Zoom? Let me know if that works! Gemma

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thanks sarah I must be too picky but as i dig deeper into some of these websites i’m finding a few i like… i will have to take some of my own pics later on down the track

Another vote for pixabay, have found them very useful over the last couple of years when creating various imagery for events, and beyond.

Also, Canva is a fantastic tool for easy to use graphic design, with lots of pre-made templates etc, which also includes a substantial image library; many images for free, and all other ones for $1 each, for use commercially.
Well worth checking out.


Awesome thanks Richard

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Eventbrite teamed up with Splento a few months back to produce a free image pack for event organisers. You can download it here:


Thanks Belinda!

Loving this thread! I’ve had to work with some utterly dire event photography in the past and spent far too much time picking from a bad bunch. Also really useful when it’s a new event. Thanks everyone! I’m making a list of these. M