Strategic Partnerships - Publications

Hey all I need some advice please. I’ve had a couple of publishing groups approach me to help them out with some events. Their purpose for doing this is to extend their offering to their existing clients. I haven’t considered this before… are there any benefits/tips/advice you can share if you have had some experience with this kind of partnership? What are the legalities I need to look into?


Hi Mill. I work a lot with publishers so hopefully can help out. Could you clarify it a bit for me, as I understand are you asking how do you help them sell out their events to their client base only rather than new users? As in the New Scientist runs member events “Instant Expert” and runs these as member only.

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Hey Calum sorry for the late reply… it really is more project managing specific events they have recommended to their clients, I’m not exactly sure how that works with publishers and where the money is made whether its some sort of value add for X amount of advertising space sold.