Support for sustainable events

Hi friends! I’m here to discuss with you about a topic that still in my concerns! I really want to know your opinion :wink:

For the event industry, being sustainable has become one of the biggest challenges, after Brexit, that the organizers are still adapting to since there require more expenses. However, has also become an opportunity to give visibility to certain events, considering that nowadays green events have been highlighted. As an example, it is visible how two events can bring different outcomes to the environment: Glastonbury it is known for having an excessive number of participants, which at the end of the event contributes to a huge number of food and energy waste, including air and river pollution, which cost them a fine of £31,000. Contrariwise, Manchester City Football Club has brought positive impacts to the environment through practices that promote recycling, the use of local suppliers reducing gas emissions due to the travel, renewable energy use and promoting the use of public transport. Now think with me, considering that not all companies have sufficient funds to invest in sustainable ideas, why is there no greater monetary support, since the positive impacts will influence the whole of society?

Some examples:


Very interesting post! Unfortunately the displacement of funds in these events is a very common thing… I totally agree with you. Impacts like this are going to influence the whole society and these impacts deserve more attention and consideration.

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That is why we should all act, just suggesting measures is not enough. I tried to look for monetary funds for this case, but there is little information, the information is more focused on the different measures implemented by the different agendas!

Physical events have traditionally been very wasteful and not sustainability-focused. Just think about all the fit-out and props that get thrown away after every event. And that’s why I believe that virtual events could provide a sustainable alternative. We think about this a lot at Balloon (, as we build and expand our platform.