Survey to Prospects

Hi there - has anyone ever sent out a qualitative survey to prospects?

I’ve been drafting up a survey to send out to a few people I know. Purpose, so I can understand the needs of my target audience more intimately…

I’m hoping the questions I’ve laid out will deliver the actionable, meaningful valid data I need before I intend on presenting ideas/proposals…

Hi @Mill_Darby funnily enough something v similar has just been asked here on this topic:

@CharlotteSteggall meet @Mill_Darby, @Mill_Darby meet @CharlotteSteggall

I think it’s a really good idea to research the needs of your audience so that you can deliver as much value as possible to them.

It wasn’t for an event, but when I was creating this community, I surveyed people on our blog asking people what they wanted from an online community for event organisers. The data was invaluable in helping me create this platform. I used Google Forms for it.

I decided to make my questions very open ended so that i’d didn’t constrain people’s answers within parameters that i had subconsciously set. It gave me a really wide range of ideas that i’d never even considered.

Many thanks Nick… sometimes I second guess myself… I’ve never used google forms so I will look into that. I’m pretty keen to get some feedback. Cheers!

Hey @Mill_Darby our audiences are quite different, but I use Survey Monkey to get ideas from my audience (students who want to know about different careers), and though my audience is captive as they are a class of students tasked to answer this survey, there is an option on there to pay for answers from the general public. You might look into doing a Facebook targeted advertising, where you can select the demographic to be surveyed.

I’m more than happy to bounce ideas around with you.

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Hey Charlotte - what I’ve drafted up will target people I already know to start off with. I’ve been advised to add a premium for their time doing the survey, I’m not sure if I can afford to do that eg a voucher… I can only offer a copy of the results (if they’re even interested)… I’ll have to stop procrastinating over this and test it out and see what I get back…

People love giving their opinions. I would say that if the survey is 5 questions or less, keep it free. If it’s more, then you might have to add some kind of prize. I have an app called Google Rewards where I answer questions every now and then, and I get maybe a very small amount of Google credit when I do so. Really, very small. I think I have to do about 10 surveys to be able to afford a song on the Google Play app.
I don’t think it has to be really big - you could even do a prize? Make it relating to your business and then it wouldn’t be such a cost.

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Hey Charlotte - I’m targeting specific people & industries so I’m thinking maybe sharing the end results, how that will be executed, I haven’t thought about that yet, was thinking of a simple infographic… What’s your opinion about asking these people how much would allocate for events / experiential marketing?? Is that being too intrusive??

Hi Nick - the google survey forms are quite good. I wanted to ask, did you allow your respondents to edit after submit with your survey?

I don’t think I did, but not for any specific reason. In hindsight maybe I should have to allow people to come back and refine their answers

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