Sustainable Badging

Any new or interesting ideas for ‘sustainable’ badging thats also economical!

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I came across these printable cards made of biodegradable plastic:
It means they could be disposed of in bins destined for composting, if the facility was available.

Write everyone’s names on their foreheads :smile:

But seriously, I wonder if there could be a tech solution to that. I’m not a coder, and don’t know how economical it would be to create a “badge app,” but it would definitely cut down on waste. Attendees could also use the app to connect with others at the event, perhaps?

The was an event in Cardiff a few years ago where the delegate wore (raspberryPi I believe) powered badges with their name and a message programmed… Its a great idea but for 1200 delegates a bit costly (also i’m not sure how suitable the badges would be for visually impaired - I’d like to think better but colour contrast etc?)

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Yeah…1200 delegates would be a bit of a tall order. The biodegradable plastic that Belinda mentioned is something I’d come across at a Pride event I helped organized earlier this year. Not sure if it was the exact same (the distributor was Canadian), but we did have the composting bin on site.

Would recyclable buttons work? Or would that look too much like an elementary school spelling bee?

What about seed paper name badges?

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I love these! So you could ask participants to plant them in their gardens/in a pot when they get home? It’s nice because it’s like a gift as well. You could ask people to send in photographs of the resulting flowers and maybe give a prize for the most green fingered gardener.

That’s a great way to create social media engagement after the event.

You have to be mindful of the seeds and the environment. I used something similar back in 2004 for a sustainability conference. The seeds have to be indigenous which is typically fine in the UK but there are some flora, fauna transfer issues around the celtic nations too!


Good point - I wouldn’t have thought of that! Maybe steer away from those Japanese knot weed infused badges, then…

These are biodegradable and can be put in landfill, they don’t need to be separately composted.

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Like it. But don’t forget, nothing biodegrades in landfill not even organic items like food, because there’s not enough oxygen.