T-shirts as giveaways

Hi folks,

I’m thinking of giving t-shirts away to event participants at one of our upcoming tech conferences and would love to hear people’s experiences of doing this.

Issues I can think of (aside from finding a good supplier, which we cover on Event merch / t-shirt suppliers) are:

  • male / female fit

  • sizing

  • quality / environmental friendliness

  • ordering the ‘right’ number (given production lead times)

  • how to distribute them at the event

Thanks in advance

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For sizing and ordering numbers, it would potentially be worth asking people via questions at the time of registration whether they are male / female and t-shirt size (same as races do, where they have similar issues to manage).

Distribution could be along with delegate check in - if you’re using a check in app / list, then you can ensure that attendees are only receiving a shirt when they check in (thus avoiding people taking more than one).

Environmental friendliness is a great consideration - I do know there are wholesale suppliers of t-shirts made from recycled materials.


IMO i think quality is a major factor that’s overlooked a lot as people try and keep costs down. Too often I think t shirt giveaways are not nice/comfortable to wear (i’ve got a bit of a thing about thin material white t shirts) and go straight to the back of the wardrobe, which defeats the whole point of getting them produced. I definitely think it’s worth the money producing good quality ones that people will want to wear time and time again and continue promoting your brand long after the event.