Tech industry conferences, audience gender split

Bit of an odd one - I’m looking to find out what the average gender split of an audience at tech industry conferences might be. We think ours has above average female attendance, but would like something to compare with. Any ideas where I could find out some numbers?


Hi Emmeline

The likes of @camassey, @James.Mayes, @mark_dalgarno may be able to help you here.

The last large one I went to was probably Wired 2016, and I’d say that was 60:40 male:female, although it’s more of generalist tech event rather than focusing on a specific area like Brighton UX. Not sure how that would affect the balance…

Thanks Nick.

For MTPCon London 2016, Brandwatch reported our Twitter engagement as 42% female if that’s any help?

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This is just a guesstimate but I would say we see 80:20 male/female split sadly, we’re working hard to try and change this by aiming for a 50/50 split on the speaking panels but in our industry it can be easier said than done

Our Designer / Developer conference in Edinburgh DIBI ( ) is probably 55% male 45% female - this year we had slightly more female speakers.