Technology for Event Planning

So myself, and a few other event planners, recently created a free app to make our event planning easier. It allows you to easily manage guest lists, roles, assignments, and track responses/surveys. We wanted to reach out to our colleagues in the event planning community to see if it could be of service to anyone else.

The app is called Eventene and is available at

Shoot me an email at if you have any questions.

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Hi Sam, congrats on the app. Do you have an integration with Eventbrite for importing attendee lists, or plans to create this?

Thanks, Belinda! Currently we allow you to import contact lists from Eventbrite and other applications via CSV file. You can easily export your attendee lists from Eventbrite as a CSV and then import them in Eventene. However, we are also looking in to integrating directly with other services.

Please let me know if you want to give Eventene a try or need any assistance importing your contacts.

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Our model is to work in tandem with Eventbrite and add some additional features for event planners.

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Great! Hopefully some Tribers will be interested in giving it a try!

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Looks good - shall have a play!

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Sam, glad to hear! Good luck - hoping you’ll have success with this app! I’m interested about Cevents visitors list - so we can integrate those via CSV file as well? For a moment we’re searching alternative in event planning and structuration - so we could give it a try as we lately did with Interactio app it’s very handy for multi-cultural groups/events, it’s an audio streaming app that is broadcasting real-time translation to any needed language directly on user’s device, where the app uploaded. So if we can make event organization less painful using your app - it could be exciting!

Hi Anna!
I’d love to help you give Eventene a try. To answer your question, you can absolutely use CSV files to import and export from Eventene. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for organizers to use their existing lists in Eventene. My email is I can send you a discount code for our premium tiers and assist with any questions you might have. Hope to hear from you soon!


Sam, will appreciate discount code a lot! thanks!

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No problem! If you use the code “AN09518W” during registration, you will receive 50% off any paid plan for 3 months. Please let me know if you have any issues with the code or registration and I’ll be happy to help.

We’re also currently in the middle of updating the User Interface, so Eventene may look different over the coming weeks.

Hi Anna,
Wanted to check in and see if you were able to give Eventene a try.


This looks like a great app, Sam. As someone who is also involved in a startup, we are always looking to see how others can leverage off each other. I’ve checked out the website, and will send the link along to my partner.

We crowdsource event marketing materials (flyers, posters, etc) to promoters and event organizers to help streamline that part of the process. There could be a way we could help each other out. At the moment, we are still a web application, but if you want to check out promoterGO, then be my guest! Let’s see if (and how) we can help each other out.

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Hey Sachin! I’d love to check out your web app and make an account. Definitely agree with the idea of cross-promotion and partnership among startups! Can I give you a discount code so you can try out our full web app? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Hey Sam :slight_smile:

Definitely sign up, make an account, and I can give you a discount code as well. Might be better to move this to a private conversation. I’ll send you an email (to the address at the top of this thread) very shortly.

Goodluck in your beginings<Sam