Templates: Does anyone have a conference weekly plan/critical time path template i can download?

Hi all, I have been asked at short notice to produce a week by week plan and critical path for a conference I am organising. I have only a few days to do this and do not have a good template to hand and would rather not have to create a new one from scratch.
Many thanks in advance.


Hi Nicola

Do any of the ones in this pack help at all?

Let me know :slight_smile:


No, unfortunately not Nick. I have already download those templates. Thank you though.


Possibly someone in the @Conferences group?

This probably doesn’t help you given your short time frame, but if this kind of thing is in high demand we could get someone on our team to create one for future use?

I’ll post there. Thanks Nick :slight_smile:

Hi Nicola, there are some timeline templates here https://www.template.net/business/plan-templates/event-planning-timeline-template/

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Excellent, thank you so much Belinda :slight_smile: