The Best Exhibition Stands and Best Giveaways

We’re going to an exhibition this year and were having a discussion in the office about the best stand and giveaways you’ve had/seen at exhibitions? Exhibitions like London Summer Party Show/Confex/BNC… that type of show!

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Love this. Was actually just thinking of posting something similar as I am thinking about stand design for Confex.

One of our regular sponsors is a design studio. Rather than a trade booth with high tops, banners, demos or swag, they ship in arc lights, swedish chairs, book cases etc - and turn it into a gorgously stylish little lounge area. Always gets a ton of attention from delegates because they create a beautiful space for people to hang out. Means they get longer talking to delegates, and also aligns really well with their brand values.

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Depending on your ROI goals for the Tradeshow here’s a couple of ideas:

Mature Target Market:
If you’re pretty well known within your target market, cool things I’ve seen to drive ROI and Fast Track Opportunities:
Competition to show speed of product (rather than a direct ‘come see a demo’), mobile phone charging station and any other tactics to encourage them to spend time/talk at your booth

Less Mature Target Market:
Cool things to Build Brand Awareness in less mature verticals:

  • champagne bar, Pimp Your Profile (having a professional photographer onsite to take a free corporate head shot), Pick n Mix lolly stands

Also this is a good read…

Hope that helps

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This might be helpful/interesting for your discussion:


@lizzygaskin we went down the free booze road on this one for confex.

Here’s our poster:

took me ages

Nice! That is awesome - I’ll keep my eyes peeled at confex this week!

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I particularly enjoyed this exhibition stand at confex:

these were a pretty handy giveaway too;

We wouldn’t be a standbuilder if we didn’t emphasize the importance of the exhibition stand itself. The basis for a good exhibition participation is to design a stand that, well, stands out. There are plenty of different possibilities to achieve this, but the most obvious one is to heighten up your stand. You can either choose to heighten the entire stand by adding a second floor or heighten one or multiple walls so that your logo is clearly visible. In addition, the choice for a bright colour often highlights the entire stand which can help to attract the attention of trade show visitors.

Giveaways are always a difficult one as I often wonder if they help get the “right” people to the stand. Anything that keeps people there for a while is always a good idea, food and drink are great especially if you can be creative with what you offer such as branded coloured Ice cream on a hot day, pharmaceutical delegates LOVE coffee so you cant go wrong with a barista. ICE is a huge show for us and we have worked with clients at the show for many years. For the last couple of years, our client have used an F1 simulator that had people queuing every single show day with a tech giveaway to the winner of each day, it was a great opportunity for Processing to gather potential client info and actually have time to chat to them.

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That looks super cool. I think games and tech are definitely a great way to get people on the stand - and have them hanging around long enough to really open up a conversation.