The Best Social Media Tools for Event Marketers

The land of social media marketing has become a lot more competitive in recent years. Having a social media presence alone is no longer an advantage - it’s a prerequisite for any business. To continue growing your reach and audience, and ultimately your event, you need to be making use of the best social media tools out there.

We’ve put together this guide of tools that can help event organisers make their social media strategy more efficient and effective.

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Questions for you:

Have we missed any great tools? Let us know and we’ll include them
Which tools are your favourite?

Downloading. Many thanks @nick_lawson



Phew! That’s an extensive list. However, one that’s not on there that I like is Piktochart, for creating free infographics


oooh! shall play with this!


Love an infographic. I’m definitely going to use this the first chance I get!

I have actually made my own social media management app because I was sick and tired of Hootsuite’s limits and costs. With my app you can not only hook up FB pages, groups and personal profiles but unlimited Twitter accounts, Instagram and more. Plus it has rss feeds from amazon (great for affiliate code money making) and eBay too plus RSS from any other links as well. I have made it free to use (limited amount of use) and will be adding an unlimited upgrade shortly. Feel free to come and check it out


Thanks for sharing, just signing up to have a look. What were the main pain points you had with hootsuite?

Hootsuite is just too pricey and limited unless you upgrade to at least the £80 a month package. Its great for the bulk uploading but you can’t schedule the same message to go up week after week. I run a radio station so I schedule a post for Facebook and Twitter for all 40 radio shows each week. Because Hootsuite doesn’t allow the same post twice in a schedule it means I cannot schedule 4 weeks worth in one go. Also, I would like the same post to go on 5-6 different Twitter and Facebook pages but again, same issue unless I do everything manually. With my script, you can put a message in to repeat every week at the same time. Perfect for what I am doing!

That sounds great. Does Buffer have the same limitations? I usually use Hootsuite, but agree it’s quite pricey.

Buffer is free for 10 posts and one social profiles or 10 Social Profiles and 100 Scheduled Posts per Profile is $10 a month. This package is £16 on Hootsuite.

I will be charging around £10 a month for around the equivalent of Hootsuite’s team package of £80 a month or Buffers $99 a month package. I am putting the upgrade package together. Just waiting for a few more sign-ups as I did a soft launch a couple of weeks ago. My aim for this isn’t thousands of users, more for users that need it. Its not about making money either. There’s a lot of people in my circles that need something like this for free or cheaper. Bands, promoters, festivals etc. That’s what I got it for.

Fantastic. This will be a live saver for a lot of people, I’m sure. I’ll be sure to include it next time I’m writing anything about social media tools.

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Much appreciated. Still working on some additions to it to make it even better. Hope you sign up and try it out for yourself Belinda.