The Dreaded Paperwork

I’m trying to organise myself and my business by getting all my paperwork ready and available for when a client comes along, I’d love your help, what paperwork do I need for my business, I know that I need to have contracts, but what else is important?

Hi Gordana, thanks for posting. I hate admin but it’s good to get organised from the start and minimises the stress later on.

Setting up a standard invoice template is a good start. Here’s a template that has all the information you need to include on it:

Business cards: Vistaprint and Moo are good, quick and reasonably priced if you don’t have a regular printer.

You might want to draft a standard “Thank you for your business” email template which you can then personalise for each client. If you want to survey your customers, easy to use and free for a basic questionnaire.

Hope that’s helpful & best of luck!

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Thank you Melissa, that was helpful indeed. I’m in the process of creating a concept/proposal for a product launch, for a potential client, do you think these are necessary?

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Sounds like a good plan. If you haven’t done it before so don’t have existing assets you are going to need to paint the picture one way or the other. When I’ve been in this situation before I’ve used close iconic images rather than wider event images. These could include champagne bottles, goody bags, close ups on invitations, a great shot of the venue eitc. depending on what you’re planning and where. I’ve used Shutterstock for library images but there are many other good image libraries out there too. Once you’ve got it artworked and are happy with it get someone who you trust but who’s not involved the project to proofread it. Call any phone numbers on it to check they’re correct and check any website addresses, social media accounts etc. by keying in exactly what’s printed on the document.

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That’s fantastic advice, I’ll do it. I’ve got what I want to do, just need the right images to show the story as well as telling it. I think I need to tone down my imagination a bit, I’ve found some things I’d love to do, will probably be out of budget and hard to put together. and I will let you know how I get on with the event, can’t wait.

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great to have too much imagination…you can always reign it in!

You might also find some of these templates useful:

There are templates for creating event plans, budgets, communication plans, invitations, event evaluations etc.


If you’re thinking about getting your event sponsored, a nice clean layout that gives good info on your prospective attendees is always a good start.


Great resource Belinda, I’ll check them out.

Thanks Simon, I’ll do that.

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Some of the best resources I use regularly (some perhaps slightly off-topic, but useful nonetheless):

Canva - easy graphic design tool, with many things already templated and customisable - perfect for if you want something to look professional but you’re not a graphic designer (like me!) And you can create your own document templates to use again and again - you just duplicate the document each time and customise it for whatever use etc. I use this online app almost daily!

Pixabay - free image library with all images (so long as you don’t click the ‘premium’ ones at the top) that are fine to use for commercial use.

Solopress - printers for business cards, flyers, banners, the works - really good prices, and they do free next day delivery too. I use these guys all the time. (e.g. 500 double sided matt-laminate business cards are about £20, a full size pull-up banner is around £40, A4/A3 tabletop banners around £25 etc. Really good prices)

SmallPDF - a PDF compression tool that works ridiculously well - I often have to create PDF docs that with imagery makes the file sizes huge & non-emailable - this tool compresses the file size down to mere kilobytes (I had one doc recently that was about 20Mb, and it shrank it down to 300k), without losing ANY image quality. Highly rate it.


Great suggestions Richard. Do you know of anything free that will unzip files?

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I don’t I’m afraid. I use a Mac and it’s all baked-in so does that kind of thing automatically. Not sure about Windows - back when I did use Windows (pre-2007) I have a feeling there was something called ‘WinZip’, but I’m sure that’s been superseded by something better by now.


no worries. I’ll investigate. I only need it occasionally so don’t really want to pay for it.

Thanks @Voicey I do already use some of these, I’ll be using the others mentioned, sound great.

I’ve been using 7 zip for years


This has worked for me

Oh brilliant… thanks @muonabena & @Stav !!

Crowdsourcing your event designs could be an option, as well. It saves time and gives the promoter the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles and designs.