The Internet and Youth

About this Event

Obsessed with Porn? Don’t know how to overcome Pornography addiction?
Wasting your life on the internet?
Are you digitally distracted or distressed?
Didn’t get enough likes on Social Media?



The Internet and Youth

  • Find the right Tech Life Balance
  • Adapt to reconnect offline
  • Develop Digital Well Being Skills
  • Say No to Porn and Gaming Addiction
  • Learn how to overcome digital distraction and become productive
  • Be part of the Digital Detox India Movement
  • Develop Healthy Digital Habits
  • Use the internet for the right purposes.

What is Digital Detox India Movement?

  • Digital Detox India Movement is to raise awareness about online distractions and mental health problems
  • To help the youth overcome social media obsession
  • Recover from gaming and porn addictions
  • And to educate the youth of India to use the internet for better purposes

What you will learn

  • Fundamentals of Digital Well-being
  • How to Digitally Detoxify yourself and take back control over your life
  • Identify what triggers you into wasting time online
  • How excessive social media use leads to Depression & Anxiety
  • Importance to disconnect online and reconnect offline