The perfect Chair/Host/MC

How important is the conference chair for you?
Is the chair a figurehead or the driving force of the event?

Intrigued to hear your thoughts! For me, the chair plays a critical role not only with the basics of timings but also gauging the level of interaction and adapting the format; ensuing engagement opportunities are harnessed and the stakeholders leave buzzing with new ideas/solutions/collaborations etc

I agree, a chair or moderator to guide the discussion is absolutely vital, especially in an ‘unconference’ or where you are using event tech to field questions and responses from the audience. Imagine Question Time without David Dimbleby!

Yep agree too, often you don’t realise how good the good ones are until you go to an event with a bad one that struggles to ‘drive’ proceedings properly

Definitely important… but it works best when the producer and their chairpeople have a good relationships, and have talked about the various elements of the programme in advance… not ideal to see a chairperson winging-it on the day - help them get prepped, introduce them to speakers prior to the event, and give them suggestions for questions/icebreakers and ways to get the ball rolling on the day.
The right chairman, well prepped, will keep an event energised and coherent.

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I agree it’s critical to work closely together. Recently I was asked to write a paper for a client ‘The role of a chair’ with a key focus on time, commitment and expectation. The flip side of the benefits of chairing etc