The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting for Events

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Copywriting isn’t just about words…

it’s about numbers, too. The right copy can drive ticket sales and boost your bottom line.

This comprehensive guide will show you how to write copy that inspires readers to visit your event page, buy tickets, and invite their friends. You’ll get insider knowledge from a variety of experts and learn how to:

  1. Craft an event page that sells by using SEO tips and conversion copywriting tricks
  2. Write more effective email, social, and at-event copy
  3. Establish a voice for your event’s brand and build trust with your audience

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What are your biggest copywriting challenges?

Writers on EventTribe - what are your best tips? :pencil2: Looking at you @Belinda_Booker @MelissaJane

Hmm top tips… I’d say write in plain English and keep thing simple . A lot of people think they need to do something “special” when they write copy, so you end up with really long sentences, fancy words and unnatural phrasing. A good idea is try reading out your copy after you’ve written it to see how naturally it flows. If you trip up reading it out, try simplifying it; break it up into smaller sections, bullet points etc. And try to keep it in your “voice” to give it some character.

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My biggest copywriting challenge is that some times I’m not “in the zone” for writing so the words don’t come as easily. I try to allocate time for writing in the afternoon or evening as I’m not a morning person. I also avoid Friday afternoons unless I’m on deadine! As many of my clients will testify, I often write into the early hours so my recommendation for any kind of creative writing is go with what suits you best whenever that’s possible. I know some people are real early birds and can get a lot done whilst the rest of us are in the land of nod.
If it’s a new project or audience for me I need to get into the environment of that audience before I can write around it so I usually look at various websites relating to the subject matter/audience to get a feel for it.

I have noticed that you often reply to threads on here in the early hours and thought maybe you were working in a different timezone :joy:

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It’s #melissatime - and tonight is no different! Still buzzing from a great night at the theatre tonight so a good time to catch up on the latest from the tribesfolk!

Ha ha love that you have your own hashtag :joy:

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