Ticketing for a B2B event - help!

Hi all

I’m involved with a 2-day B2B event in March and I’m looking for some advice on the best way to handle check-in / ticket design from a logistical standpoint.

The event itself is free to attend but we’re running 3 seminars across the 2 days which all have an entry fee. We’re unable to have one ticket printed per delegate which grants entry to each seminar they’re attending, ie each separate seminar will need a separate ticket, but we’d like each delegate to know who’s attending what event, either through a badge, a lanyard or something similar, so we can maximise networking opportunities. We have a number of exhibitors who would also benefit from this information so they can be speaking to the right customers.

Is there an easy way to combine all this information (delegate name, events attending) onto one badge without it costing a fortune and interfering too much with our ticketing provider?

Hope this all makes sense, happy to answer further questions if needed!

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Could you give them colour-coded lanyards according to which seminars they’re attending? That would be the quickest way to visually identify who is attending what.