Tips for new Event company in India

I have started my Event company in India could you please help me and give some tips to generate business as I am new in this market.

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Hi @Arun_Jindal congratulations! Can you tell us what kind of events you plan to organise - consumer (weddings and parties) or corporate (meetings and conferences)? Then the community will be able to give you some better advice.

Hi and Thanks for your wishes.We organise corporate events.

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Hi @Arun_Jindal, an exciting time for you! There are probably a million things you can do but I would start with some digital advertising - search and display - so you can be highly targetted and manage your budget whilst getting yourself out there. Do you have someone who can deliver that for you or is that something you know enough about to do yourself? Get your messaging and creative together from the off, including your point of difference, so this can come through loud and clear in all your promotional activity.

I’d also recommend that you research appropriate events for you to exhibit at and get yourself along to some networking events. People do business with people at the end of the day. Get some good photography and some testimonials from your events on an ongoing basis that your clients are happy for you to use in brochures, on your website and social media channels so you will have a steady supply of content to keep pushing out. Best of luck and do keep us posted on how you’re getting on.

Might be worth trying a bit of cold calling too, ringing round the bigger companies local to you to introduce your services. Find out the contact details of the person responsible for events within the company and start building a database. Try attending local business networking events too. Good luck!

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