TIPS on creating 'EXCLUSIVITY'

Hi Tribe
I have an event called THE SITDOWN - that works successfully off the back of it being quite small and intimate,its not widely known but carries through word of mouth.

Are there any tips or tools you could recommend that could help create an exclusive element to the event for the intimate community to make it even more special for them?


The Sitdown is a live Q+A event, where we sit down and interview special guests to share their life stories in a bid to empower and inspire others around them,audience members also get to pose the questions they’ve always wanted to ask

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Hi Tope, thanks for posting. Could you introduce a “featured question” element so that becomes a key part of the interview and discussion. A question could become a featured question a) if it’s a really strong question b) as part of rewarding more active members? Other questions would be dealt with at the end of the interview time-permitting.

As in a featured question from the audience, picked out from the bunch?

How about making spaces limited and setting up a waiting list for the event? It’s an oldie but a goodie :wink:


hmmm never thought of that Belinda …thanks!

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