Tips on selling organic produce at local market

Hi there, the launch of our new Coopers Edge Craft and Produce Market is quickly approaching. In the meantime, I’ve received some scaremongering messages about selling organic produce from people’s gardens/ allotments, which won’t make or break the market, but want to include the locals as much as possible. Any tips gratefully received. I’m in touch with our local council in the meantime. Thanks.

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Hi Lisa, I’ve no tip or insights for you I’m afraid but wanted to say this sounds great! :clap: I certainly see that organic and low package produce is a growing market so I wish you the best of luck with this!

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Do you mean from the perspective of the law i.e. tax or licensing issues?

Thanks x really appreciate it x

Yes primarily. There’s previous posts I’ve raised about public liability insurance, which so far people have, except the smaller stallholders. I’ve since been informed about licences for any stallholders selling alcohol. I’ve also since found out that you can’t directly sell from allotments. It’s ok to sell surplus produce. Alternatively, you can exchange, or apply gift economics. As an event organiser, this research is certainly proving tough. The environment department are not getting back to me in the meantime, so relying on online research. Hence why luckily it’s not make or break there’s plenty of events I can carry-on arranging in the meantime with craftsman etc. Tax is something I’m yet to explore and understand… yikes!

This article covers various aspects of selling homegrown produce:

It says traders regularly selling produce at markets may require registration with the council but who knows what the definition of “regularly” is?

In my experience, councils are pretty relaxed. I operated a sandwich shop some years ago and, although I had voluntarily undertaken a food safety course and had public liability insurance, no one ever came to check me out. However, I guess if there was ever to be an issue that’s when compliance would come under the microscope.

Don’t let it all put you off. Just get some advice from the council.