Tomorrowland volunteer

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience for applying Tomorrowland Volunteer?

Any tips to share?

Thank you guys in advance and Have a nice day!

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Hi Jane

Tomorrowland doesn’t accept volunteers but you might be able to get involved with one of the satellite events in another country. Where are you based? Have a look for a Unite with Tomorrowland event near you.

Hi Belinda,

Thank you for your answer. I’m studying Leisure and Event Management and my main part is the Festival Music Industry. Tomorrowland is my dream workplace ever. At this time, I’m looking for other festival music that is organized in the Netherlands ( cuz I’m now in the Netherlands ).

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I’d recommend you get in contact with which produces many festivals, and see what opportunities they have. @GeorginaR might be able to help you. Good luck!

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