Tool for mass administration of a charity raffle?

Is there any software/app or other out there that will allow a group of us to sell raffle tickets at the same time, in numerous locations, to different people. It doesn’t neccesarily have to involve taking the payments but ideally would be paper free and ensure we didn’t sell the same numbers twice or do loads of follow up admin. If not, has anyone had to do this and found a way that has worked?


One way is to make sure everyone selling has a different coloured book of raffle tickets. It doesn’t matter that the numbers are the same because you just announce it as “red 108” or whatever it might be.

But is there a way to do this paperlessly I wonder?

Or have I misunderstood this… @philyyy is paperless referring to payment or the actual raffle ticket?

You can do it with rafflecopter, using phones or tablets to do the transactions:

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