Top 10 Tips for Getting Event Sponsorship

Gaining an event sponsor can seem like an impossible task - here’s what 10 EventTribers who have been successful in securing support, have to say about it:

Do you have any top tips of your own? Please add them to the thread or let us know which of these tips you think is the most useful.


Hopefully this round up will get you all thinking about questions for Adam during his sponsorship focused Ask Me Anything this week!


Great article Belinda, some awesome insights into what people are looking for. Have you had any feedback/got any advice on how to value your sponsorship packages? I’ve had ad hoc sponsors in the past but want to have a structure in place this year. I don’t want to over price the packages but at the same time don’t want to undersell. Any tips on rules to follow or anything you have based it on in the past? Thanks

The best advice I can give is looking at what comparable events are charging. As an example, this is an awards event attracting 1,200 event industry professionals:

You should be able to find out the cost of an event’s sponsorship packages by looking online or covertly requesting them. What type of event are you organising, who and how many will attend and what are you offering sponsors in return? All these factors will influence your pricing.