Tough day - how do you pick yourself up

Today I ran a small fishbowl engagement event between students & employers. I had a great line up of employers but dramatically let down by students who had registered to attend. It was embarrassing and I’m incredibly disappointed and frustrated. (I bring the employers the Uni bring the students)

How do you pick yourself up when an event under-delivers outside of your control?

Gosh that’s a tough one. I guess all you can do is have a debrief with the uni and see if they could have done anything differently? Maybe the uni needs to guarantee a minimum number of students when they agree to host the event and will therefore be more proactive in promoting the event? Perhaps you could go so far as to send a little questionnaire to the students who were registered but didn’t turn up to find out why they didn’t come and if any action beforehand could have persuaded them to do so?

It wasn’t a great although the conversation was fruitful during the event. I set up a meeting with the immediately. Sadly I have an off the record reason for the low attendance but not one that reflects well on the students (needless to say i’m led to believe it involved hangovers!)

Although frustrated it is what it is - however i was curious how other bounce back following a tough event!

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For me personally, when I’ve had a bad day, I go to bed early because everything always seems better after a good sleep. Going out for a walk somewhere green is another failsafe way I clear my head and get re-inspired.