Traffic at Eventbrite

Does anyone knows how to get traffic on Eventbrite?
My events are showing a total of 5 to 10 pageviews on Eventbrite - and maily from me (and I have other sales checkout, so it was just a personal preference that anyone decided to be redirected to Eventbrite).

But on discovery? What must I do to draw my event to the top of the list?

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Hi Dora
This guide to optimising for search and discovery might help you. Do you have your Eventbrite page listed as ‘public’?

Hi Bellinda,

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, it is public, has type and topic. It is on my public professional Facebook page,
This last one has a discount for early birds;

But still traffic from discovery platform had only 2 accesses: one from search & browse and one from related events.


Hi Dora, I’m going to PM you with details of someone at Eventbrite so they can assist you.

I’m not quite sure if this applies to your event - although I have a hard time imagining you couldn’t find any way to use this - but a friend of mine suggested I begin posting my events onto all relevant discussion threads on Reddit… I was shocked to see my traffic on event brite increase exponentially. What I did was write a short summary of my event, and as the topic, I would post to relevant reddit threads a question like (e.g.): Would anyone be interested in attending our latest meditation class which we are trying to demo with new people in the community? And then link to the event brite page… As far as increasing sales, that has been effective for cheap events; alternatively, you could be sneaky and post as a person asking others to attend your event with you (for example, NYC has an r/NYCmeetups thread where people post random events they’d like to attend but for whatever reason feel the need to extend the invite to strangers - it sounds odd but actually is a pretty cool way to meet new people in NY if it all works out well) but from what I understand that is frowned upon if you are “found out” by reddit moderators, so I have personally never tried the latter…

Anyway, the very first eventbrite event I ever posted had 3 views for the first 2 days, all from me. The 3rd day is when I posted to reddit and the very next day I had 100 views, and only 13 from Eventbrites discovery platform.

Another place I would post to, if applicable, would be the site Meetups… That’s another place where I think I’ve been getting direct hits to my event brite page. But I would say for me, reddit has been the odd golden ticket.

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Great advice! Publishing your Eventbrite event to Facebook from your EB dashboard is also a great way to increase exposure. It will then show up in Facebook’s discovery area and show any users already signed up.