Trends in No-Shows

Hi there, I’m looking at my no-show data and anaysing it based on when people booked. For a typical free event i.m finding that most people who book a couple of weeks before the event fail to show up. I had imagined that those who booked well in advance might be among the top no-shows.

Does anyone have any similar data on no-show-time of booking trends?

Thanks for any insights anyone may have to share. I’m wondering if there’s a ‘typical’ in the industry.


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That’s fascinating. I’m tagging in some other members who run free events to see if this trend is visible in their own no-show data @APC @LouiseTriance @clairedibs @victoria

I don’t have any data like that - I haven’t made the time to analyse it to that extent. What a brilliant insight though. You’re right, I’d have thought the same thing. Perhaps shows the importance of comms right up to the day of the event to encourage FOMO,

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