Types of generators

Hi guys,

I am in need of a generator that would be able to run a few moving heads, a PA and some flood lights able to run for at least 7h long and be easy to move around. Have hired in a 7kva before that was good enough and decided to buy one.

I dont know much about generators and it would be good if someone could suggest brands?

Diesel or petrol

Thank you


Can any of our @Festivals members help @Kyri?

I would suggest taking a look at Powerful Thinking - there’s loads of practical information there about powering your event (and not harming the environment).

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Hi, that’s a relatively small power load and a solar power generator with backup battery might be sufficient. Solar doesn’t actually need a sunny day, just daylight, and your fuel is free! Have a chat with Firefly Power https://www.fireflyhybridpower.com


The electrical contractors on the largest event that I work on use Aggreko . They have diesel and gas generators which are really quiet.


Still need help with this??

It will come down to the amperage,
If the moving lights are bulbed or LED
How big is the PA system?
And all of the auxiliary power needed, sound desks, lighting desk, laptops etc.

Add up all the PEAK wattage then divide that by 3800 that will give you how many 16amp at 240 circuits you will need.


A calculator for amount of power needed for things!

Solar batterys are great but for PA and Lighting they will need a capacitor buffer if you don’t and you play something loud and move the lights all of a sudden you will blow fuses! If you go this route make sure your peak spike loads are really kept to minimum, and use LED lighting and low powered subs.

Bio gas is another eco friendly generator type. Expensive though compared to diesel.

Hitachi are very good for small quiet ones :slight_smile:

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