UK event planner input wanted - Tailoring a US-based event to a UK audience

Which do you (as someone from London/UK/Europe) gravitate toward for conference talk?

  • “Agenda” vs “Schedule”
  • “Speakers” vs “Trainers”
  • “Sessions” vs “Trainings” vs “Presentations”
  • the word “Workshop” in general - what does it mean to you?
  • “Ticket” vs “Pass”
  • “Rates” vs “Fees” vs “Cost”

Or maybe it’s all understood and the meanings are implied?

I run an established event annually in the US and we brought it over London in 2014. I’m learning as we go about slight cultural differences but feel like I could do more with the lingo. I want our European audience to feel this event is made for them and not a copy and paste from the US.

Curious to hear thoughts!

Separately - are standing lunches customary? I’ve gotten mixed reviews.

@Top_Members and @Conferences please give Audrey your input on this interesting topic!

I’d go for …

  • Agenda”
  • “Speakers”
  • “Sessions” or “Presentations”
  • the word “Workshop” in general - what does it mean to you? - interactive, breakout, smaller group?
  • “Ticket”
  • “Rates” vs “Fees” vs “Cost” - I use all those words depending on circumstances.

I suspect the answer to the standing lunch question might depend on the size of event and industry sector.

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  • “Agenda” vs “Schedule” - Either
  • “Speakers” vs “Trainers” - definitely speakers
  • “Sessions” vs “Trainings” vs “Presentations” Not trainings. Sessions covers most
  • the word “Workshop” in general - what does it mean to you? someone speaking with audience interaction with an aim to learn about a certain subject
  • “Ticket” vs “Pass” Ticket
  • “Rates” vs “Fees” vs “Cost” Cost maybe fees. Not rates
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Hi Audrey,

Same as Louise, for me, really. Generally prefer the UK oriented wording. If wanting to tailor your offering to a UK audience then yeah I’d say might be worth altering some of the language. Not sure how it differs in Europe though I’m afraid.

Sessions/Presentations (depending on context; session to me sounds more informal and presentation more formal)
Workshop - to me means audience participation, interactivity, questions, smaller rooms so more focus on audience’s needs etc
Rates/Fees/Cost - again depends on context as I use all three in different ways - although when it comes to stating ticket prices, I tend to steer away from ‘cost’ as it can have negative connotations in a buyers mind, seeing it as a outright expense as opposed to an investment/something of value; so I tend to stick with ‘price’ or ‘rate’ in those instances.

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  • “Agenda” vs “Schedule”
    it very much depends on the subject and audience! I tend to use Agenda when its an outline and schedule for a more detailed timeline

  • “Speakers” vs “Trainers”
    speaker usually but its subject/audience relevant

  • “Sessions” vs “Trainings” vs “Presentations”
    Sessions are usually themes blocks
    Presentation for the delivery however i rarely use the word for anything other than collating presentations

  • the word “Workshop” in general - what does it mean to you?
    this is a bugbear for me! a workshop suggest an outcome. A working interactive, hands-on activity.

  • “Ticket” vs “Pass”
    for a paid event ticket
    for complimentary access a pass
    for a free event your delegate pack

  • “Rates” vs “Fees” vs “Cost”
    for a paid event (UK market) cost

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  • Agenda or Schedule or even Timetable - depends on the event
  • Speakers
  • Sessions or Presentations
  • Workshop is a light training or how to session
  • Ticket
  • Rates, fees or cost - it doesn’t matter which
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