UK Stand designer looking for database

Hey, Hi, i’m new here :wave:

Stand designer working for over 20 years in the industry, looking to purchase an opt in database of UK exhibitors, does such a thing exist these days? Looking to reach out to design agencies and exhibitors who require a stand designed.



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Hi Adrian, welcome!

I get emails from people selling lists fairly regularly but I don’t think we ever go near them as they are really low quality and we see little ROI. I think a lot of email marketing providers like mailchimp make it very difficult for people to even use these lists as they worry about getting blocked from high unsubscribe rates.

Your best bet may be contacting the trade shows themselves and see if you can buy an ad slot in their marketing emails/on their website?

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Hi Adrian, welcome aboard! Great to have you join us on here. I would contact event organisers and venues. Perhaps offer a preferential rate for their exhibitors or a commission for the organisers or contra some feature design work for the organisers with them promoting you to their exhibitors. Might be worth looking at opportunities with Event Magazine, Exhibition News and Stand Out Magazine… Perhaps running a case study advertorial to showcase your work.
Best of luck!

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