Using a Snapchat geo filter at your event

Wondering if anyone has used a snapchat geo filter at an event, as an organiser or attendee for that matter?

Organisers - was it worth the investment? How much did it add to the event?
Attendees - how much/in what ways did it add to your experience?

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Hi Nick,

So we have used geofilters twice at our pub crawl events. It cost us no more than 6 quid and 12 quid respectively.

I think the most important thing is to make sure everyone knows its there! Our first event people didnt really know that it was there so as soon as guests arrive just tell them. We find that girls tend to use them more than guys.

Probably would give them another chance and make sure everyone knows but I personally do not know how many people actually used them. :s

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Interesting, i didn’t know it was so cheap. How do they price it?

Also how did you get the filter design made?

We used snapchat filters for our last conference. They’re really affordable. You need to cross-promote it so that people knows it exists and to use it though…

They price it based on length of time you need it for and the size of the location you need it to appear against (e.g. do you need the filter to come up on people’s phones with 1 mile radius or 10?). We designed ours in-house, it was really easy to do.

I’ve currently built one and will be using it this weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out. As far as pricing, it is very inexpensive, and I’ll certainly use them quite a few times before I decide whether it’s worth the hassle to build them, lol.

I agree its very low-cost entry and if you make sure your attendees know it can be great for social media coverage that being said i think the user interface could be easier to use and not so restricting to those that have access to a designer

An online tool to help you design great filters would be welcome.

Yeah i think this would be a good idea. An integration with Canva for example would really make it a lot more accessible.

@Karma_Oviquio @coyr1903 did you guys build it yourself (have you got photoshop/illustrator skills?) or did you outsource?

Low cost depends on the type of venue. We trialled it at an outdoor event last year and had to keep the active area concentrated on just the main arena area, which limited it’s use.

With any spend like this, be sure it’s part of your wider marketing strategy. Ask yourself; does our audience use snapchat, and is this the best use of my budget.

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Alright, the tally is in and the filter that I built for sponsorship bootcamp this year was a hit. Every attendee that used Snapchat as a part of their brand talked about and used the filter. I did a survey at the end of the event and one of the questions I asked was if they found themselves saving more photos to memories for repurposing with or without filters and 92 % of attendees stated that they saved more phtots because of the filter and will repurpose the actual photos at a later date.
I WILL SURELY, use filters at every event going forward.