Using an event management company to maximise sponsorship income

I’m organising a big professional conference ( around 1200 delegates over 2 days) for the hospital I work in. I’m experienced event organiser so have no problems with the arrangements, marketing and logistics, but as this event is free to attend I need to raise £100,000 in industry sponsorship and support to fund it and I’m panicking!

I work for a very well known specialist hospital with a huge amount of supporters so I think it will be possible but I am feeling the responsibility a bit too heavily so was thinking about engaging an external company to take this over. Does anyone have any experience of using an external company, or work in this role? Is this even a thing? What does it cost?

Any advice would be gratefully received and would calm my stress!

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Hey Victoria,

There are many events companies that can help you that sell exhibition and sponsorship packages, they often work on a commission basis (if you are UK based). Lots of events agencies that work in conferences and exhibitors have experience of doing this for customers.

Things that they will probably need will be things such as: type of delegates in attendance, previous event history, previous exhibitors/sponsors, a list of your current exhibitors/sponsors and maybe even a database if you have one? (Helps them see who they should try to approach, and what they are selling)

If you can gather that information together I’m sure I know a company or 2 that could help.

What time scales are you looking at, as if you have a good run at it you may be able to do it yourself :).



Hi Victoria, you might find this thread on freelance sponsorship salespeople useful:
Freelance Sponsorship?

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Thanks Belinda, I’ll contact some of them for advice

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Thanks Ryan! It’s just a huge amount compared to what I’m used to . I’ve DM’d you