Using Slack For Your Event

Has anyone created a slack specifically for your event to invite confirmed speakers to collaborate/communicate pre, live & post event?

Yes I think @Jacqui_Davidson mentioned she has…

In fact…


I’ve worked with a couple tech conferences with Slack… Overall it makes collaboration for tailoring the speech to the audience a lot easier.

The only thing that wasn’t so good was due to one organizer being so into slack that he stopped looking at his emails so my assistant had a hard time reaching him with critical questions.

I generally prefer using a Twitter hashtag to this.

Although there’s always the risk of that getting hijacked by any random company that wants to spam event attendees.

The team and I use Slack regularly to plan, discuss all event-related stuff. It’s a much handier tool I think than Skype etc - docs can all be held in one place for sharing amongst ourselves, different channels for different topics.

Meaning if we needed to include third parties, we could have a separate channel of conversation with other people and keep our main private channels to ourselves.

It’s a brilliant bit of software I think - and quite full-featured even with us all being on the free account.