Venue/Event booking system

Do you think there should be a one stop shop for booking venues (from probably within Eventbrite)?

It would also great if there was a site available that was a tripadvisor for venues and the event space within the venues.

I think some things like this do exist; Hirespace, Headbox, Venuefinder are a few to spring to mind, however these all tend to be small to medium spaces. I’ve used Headbox before and it was a pretty good experience and there’s interesting venues with good rates.

However to my knowledge I don’t think any of these integrate into an event management system - is that what you mean by one stop shop? I think that would be a really cool idea.

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Yes. I thought it would be great if we could organise the event and book and pay for the venue from within Eventbrite. I think the event industry is really crying out for a Tripadvisor system and venues would, in turn, be given annual rewards or certification.


@DewiEirig Eventopedia have just relaunched/refreshed their venue booking offering, so that you can search/book venues & suppliers from the same platform Could be of interest?

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