Venue recommendations: Breakfast meetings in a private room

Hello All,
I wondered if you anyone can recommend great venues with a private room in London.
It would be for 16 people around one table.
It’s for a breakfast meeting/roundtable discussion, so semi-private options are unfortunately not suitable.
Budget is tight, so ideally no min spend or under £300.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Michelle, I don’t know prices but The Library is a hidden gem in Covent Garden and has some gorgeous rooms for hire. The food is meant to be good too. I went for an interview there once but it turned out to be not my skill set. Loved the venue though.
Do let us know how you get on!

The Baltic Exchange Centre has a gorgeous panelled boardroom for 18 people (U shape). It’s very private and there is in-house catering. It’s in the heart of the city at St Mary Axe so could be ideal for pre-work meeting? Good luck!

Hi Michelle

I don’t know about their prices and haven’t been there for a while, but try Rydges Kensington.

They’re a lovely, small venue and have a boutique feel without the price tag (or at least they were when I was last in touch with them!) and are easy to get to.

All the best


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Hey Michelle,

We have a private space where I manage events & bookings, at Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch - the room isn’t standard board table set up, we have booths & low tables but these can be rearranged into one big round seating arrangement. As we’re not a standard conference centre we do tend to work out cheaper - so if budget is tight then we may be a good option - feel free to drop me a line on & can send you over some prices and availability.


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Hi Michelle,

I invite you to visit our Coffee Shop in London.

SicilyAmo is a typical Italian Patisserie and Ice Cream Shop in Tottenham Court Rd.

We serve homemade breakfast, Pistachio Croissant, Ricotta Croissant etc… Cake, Sicilian Cassata… amazing coffee and cappuccino :slight_smile:

Downstairs we have a private room with about 10 tables and chairs.

If you are interested, please drop me an email:

I invite you to visit our website:

All the best,